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Findhelp #1 'Best in KLAS' for SDoH Networks

KLAS Research, a healthcare IT evaluator who provides 'accurate, honest, and impartial' analysis based on extensive reviews with healthcare users, has named Findhelp #1 for social determinants of health (SDoH) networks in the 2024
Best in KLAS Awards - Software and Services report.

For three years, KLAS Research has evaluated SDoH vendors and in all three years, Findhelp has received the top award. In this year’s report, Findhelp earned a score of 89 out of 100, surpassing all other SDoH vendors.


Our Score

Findhelp earned top marks in value, loyalty, operations, and relationship, and rated highly for culture and product. Findhelp partners with more than 445 healthcare and payer customers, and has over 620 customers nationwide. 

Surveyed customers agreed:

  • 100% - They would purchase findhelp again
  • 100% - Findhelp is part of their organization’s long-term plans
  • 97% - Findhelp “avoids charging for every little thing”



What Customers are Saying

VP / Other Executive

“Findhelp has come to the table with us to design workflows and reports and to find data. They have provided reasonable responses to the things they haven't been able to do. They have also been very transparent with us about where they are with things. findhelp is willing to rethink their processes. They don't feel closed off. We appreciate that they are up-front with us and that they ask our opinions on how things could be better. findhelp has been intentional in supporting our needs. They are stepping up to the plate.”








December 2023 on the KLAS website

VP / Other Executive

“Findhelp reaches out to us constantly. We have regular huddles with the vendor. They do an outstanding job of trying to make sure they are keeping a pulse on our current environment and needs. We have been working with findhelp on a few different things. When we take a question to findhelp, even if they can't answer it, they will still hear us and try to find some sort of solution.”









October 2023 on the KLAS website


“We have had a really good experience with findhelp as a vendor. They will join any meeting that we have and work with certain organizations. They meet with us frequently. The vendor is very focused on customer service. They are very responsive. They are connecting us to other groups that are doing similar things for us to have good discussions. That is very useful. findhelp is a really good company to work with. I enjoy the company itself, and they have a good product.”


 2023 on the KLAS website


VP/Other Executive

“Findhelp is one of the more affordable vendors out there compared to the other vendors of SDOH solutions. We have had really bad experiences with another SDOH vendor. findhelp's solution offers more functionality than other solutions, and it does that at a lower cost. findhelp stands out against their competition from a health system perspective. It isn't perfect, but it is the best tool out there, and I appreciate the vendor's willingness to work with us on things. The tool is very easy to use.”

November 2023 on the KLAS website


“Findhelp has been delightful. We have made a couple of changes to our program, and findhelp has been along for the ride. They are quick to make adjustments or add any community-based organizations that we need on the reporting side. They have accommodated additional training and have been helping us navigate the reports. Everything has been good, especially with the upcoming CMS regulatory requirements in the social needs world. It has been fantastic to already have an established relationship and be able to scale our program.”

October 2023 on the KLAS website

What is Findhelp?

Building healthier and happier communities starts with supporting the whole person. That’s why Findhelp was founded in 2010: to connect all people in need to the programs that serve them with dignity and ease.

Our software platform enables community organizations, governments, and businesses across industries to easily manage and coordinate care. From screening and closed-loop referrals to outcomes tracking and actionable health equity insights, Findhelp is leading the modernization of the social safety net.


Schedule a Demo

Since every organization’s needs are a little different, we work closely with each of our partners to find a solution that’s right for their goals. Click on the link below to schedule time with a local team member and explore how Findhelp can help you further your mission.