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of Children & Families 

Poverty Doesn't Equal Neglect.

At findhelp, we’re dedicated to supporting the holistic needs of children and families. Whether that’s helping families access services when a need first arises, to being there when crisis strikes, we’re committed to ensuring that families — and the advocates that work with them — have a trusted resource at their fingertips. 

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Primary Prevention

All families need help or support at some point.  As a primary prevention resource, we connect families to community services that support their well-being — enabling them to search, find, and connect with resources on their own time.

Secondary Prevention

Our tools help agencies identify, analyze, and provide early intervention services for families in need to alleviate identified problems and prevent escalation. Use findhelp to connect families to community or voluntary in-home services like home visiting, parent education, childcare, & more. 

Tertiary Prevention

For families already engaged in the child welfare system, we equip investigators and case managers with assessments to capture and report on additional social care information. Investigators can also make referrals to programs to address the risks of future maltreatment.

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Harnessing Your System of Care

At findhelp, we created a social care network that connects people and programs — making it easy for people to find social services in their communities, for nonprofits to coordinate their efforts, and for customers to integrate social care into the work they already do. 


We have programs available for every need, including  early childhood, mental health, education, and more. With over 1,550 resources in each and every county across the U.S., you’ll be prepared to start helping families connect with resources from day one .

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Leading Organizations
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"This is the most comprehensive, useful, and user-friendly resource I have ever encountered in over 20 years of working in the field. I cannot wait to share it with other professionals."

Case Manager

Child Protective Services

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"findhelp provides an innovative conduit that connects families, resource providers and community helpers, thus, promoting resilience and enhancing community self-sufficiency. findhelp continues to be an essential tool in connecting families to resources when they need it most."

Vereuch Simmons

Community Engagement Specialist


"findhelp has been one of the most responsive teams we have ever worked with. The platform design has enhanced the delivery of services from us at the Family Resource Center. Referral facilitation, strengthening our community partner collaboration, compliance tracking, and tracking analytics at several levels have been very helpful for improving our services."
Family Resource Center Staff
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Findhelp is Easy to Use,
with Powerful Insights

Assess for Needs

Our custom screener functionality allows you to gather information on needs as well as identify strengths. This tool helps you develop a care plan with permanency and well-being goals based on individual and family needs. 

Custom Branded Site

We partner with child serving agencies to create a white-labeled version of our platform, preserving your brand’s equity and allowing you to tailor the navigation to meet the needs of your population.

Data-Driven Insights

With the ability to aggregate data across systems, child welfare agencies can assess and compare performance across regions, monitor outcome measures, and identify and engage potential community partners. 

Platform Details

Convening a National

We brought together leaders from across the country in the child welfare space, including the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the Florida Department of Children and Families, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, and a Director of Medicaid from the state of Maryland.

Watch a recording of the discussion on how to support the holistic needs of children and families, focusing programs and resources toward prevention.

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Championing the conditions for families to thrive requires investments upstream, built on a foundation of strong community partnerships. We’re incredibly grateful to be a part of building toward a collective vision of safe, stable, and thriving families. 

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