Simple, Published, Government Pricing

At findhelp, we believe in transparent pricing. Simple, published software pricing lets you know what to budget without worrying about hidden costs. 

Priced by the size of your city, county or state, all of our enterprise software functionality is included.

Enterprise Software Functionality

  • Closed Loop Referral and Tracking
  • Configurable Search and Referral Site For Employees
  • Configurable Community Facing Search and Referral Site
  • Intake, Referral and Reporting For Nonprofits and Social Care Providers
  • Configurable Needs Assessments
  • Integration With One (1) CRM, Care Platform, or Registry
  • Assigned Client Success Manager and Community Engagement Support
  • Referral Activity, Program Inventory and Group Activity Suites of Reporting


Annual Fee


More than 10M $75,000 Unlimited
5-10M $65,000 Unlimited
Less than 5M $50,000 Unlimited

*Based on our standard Enterprise Software Functionality outlined above. Pricing may change with additional requirements.

Why are we able to offer reasonable software pricing?

We don’t need to build out a network from scratch. We have already built out a nationwide network of nonprofits and social care partners over the last 10+ years.

We have a shared service model, with 360+ established customers across the country using our search and closed loop referral platform. So your city, county, or state doesn’t need to shoulder the entire cost for your area.

We are a mission based organization committed to working with state and local governments to connect more people in need with programs that can help them.

Customized Services

In support of a successful implementation, rollout, and adoption of the platform, we work closely with key stakeholders to scope the services to meet the unique needs of your state, regional, or local community. This assures alignment with the goals and outcomes you want to achieve.

Services can include account management, project management, workflow design, site configuration, change management, integrations, training, and reporting. We also provide community engagement services to support deepening relationships, trust, and engagement with nonprofits and social care providers in your area.

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