Empower Your Students 

Colleges are stretched thin. We make it easy for your staff and students to find social services in their community.

With our tools, you can empower students to find the help they need. And even when you’re not able to see them in person, you can still connect students with trusted care within a single platform. 

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Easy to Use


You don't have time for extensive research. Connect your students to the resources they need on a single platform.


Track your students progress by documenting their social needs and confirming that they received services.


Using our analytics, you can identify which social care providers you send the most students and gather additional data.

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A Social Care Network

With findhelp, your students will have access to our network of social services from day one. With many students living and studying remotely, access to our nationwide coverage is key. They will have a reliable network that’s already in place. There are more than 1,370 resources in every county across the country - reviewed and validated every day by our data team. 

Empower students to search for themselves, or for friends and family who may also be in need.

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"This is the most comprehensive, useful, and user-friendly resource I have ever encountered in over 20 years of working in the field. I cannot wait to share it with other professionals."

Case Manager

Child Protective Services


"Findhelp is so easy to use, promoting self-service. It doesn't require a navigator or middle-man, which is important for students who want to find resources directly, in real-time."

Jodie Beatty

Vice Chancellor of Student Success


"Finding out about findhelp was a goldmine. It's a valuable resource because it can be used right on the spot. More resources could be developed based on the data findhelp has."

Linda Murphy, RN

Professor, UT School of Nursing

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Our software starts at $450/month, and you can cancel at any time.

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