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In the United States, people go to jail 10.6 million times per year. Of these millions of people who are incarcerated, nearly all of them will go back home to communities with a broken social safety net. 

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With millions of people transitioning from incarceration each year, correctional systems need tools to assist people re-entering society. Findhelp can help.

How We Help

Returning to neighborhoods without a strong safety net can make it hard for anyone to get ahead. Sometimes the only positive option is to turn towards nonprofit organizations in the community, but those can be hard to find and difficult to navigate.

Our platform tools make it easy to help people re-entering their communities find the resources they need, when they need them most. We have a database of over 1,370 services in each and every county in the U.S., ready to help people get back on their feet.

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Easy to Use


Program Availability

We have programs available for every need: housing, food insecurity, transportation, workforce development, and more.


Goal Setting

With our platform, you can set goals for your population and follow up to track outcomes, even after they've been released.


Outcome Tracking

Our reporting tools allow you to track outcome data and learn what your population needs and where they need it.

New Beginnings

We help people find the resources they need for a successful reentry; we help families find support as they welcome back loved ones who have been incarcerated; and we help your staff work with incarcerated populations to set reentry goals and track progress.

Regardless of the systems you have in place, we can help you navigate services that already exist in your community. If you want to empower your population to find services themselves, or if you want to provide more hands-on support, we work with you to develop the best solution for your situation. 

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Ready from Day One

At findhelp, we created a social care network that connects people and programs — making it easy for people to find social services in their communities, for nonprofits to coordinate their efforts, and for customers to integrate social care into the work they already do. 

Our network is already up and running. When you become one of our partners, you have access to this network from day one, and can start helping people right away.

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Leading Organizations Use findhelp


Organizations like yours use findhelp in many different ways. Some have one-stop shops that allow anyone to find help navigating to services using a branded version of our platform. 

Other organizations use intake assessments to determine needs and set people up for successful reentry. To see our tools in action, please schedule a demo with our team.

D.C. Department of Corrections
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Saving Time & Money

The average cost to house a person in a state prison is $33,000 annually. Giving people the tools they need for successful reentry is much cheaper than the cost of recidivism. 

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Our platform makes customers more efficient; whether you’re moving from manual, paper-based directories or directing high-utilizers to preventive services, the cost and time savings are immediate and measurable. 

Resolve Magazine

‘I can actually live life’

A workforce development program in Pennsylvania helps incarcerated people find employment when they’re released.

Cooking has been his passion since childhood, but James Hanjaras also struggled with substance abuse for years. He was arrested in 2017 and served a 21-month prison sentence. While incarcerated, he got sober and took a series of courses offered by the Outreach Center for Community Resources. Within days of his release, Outreach helped him get a job in the culinary field.

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'I can actually live life'
“The possibilities with food are endless. You have the whole world to explore, and now that I’m sober I can do that. I can actually live life.” (Jim Tuttle / Resolve Magazine)

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Since every organization’s needs are a little different, we work closely with each of our partners to find a solution that’s right for their goals. Want to learn more about what we can do? Let us know and a team member will follow up with you shortly to share how findhelp can support your social care strategy.

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