Don't Let a Lack of Resources
Limit Your Students' Success

Your staff is overwhelmed, and schools have never been stretched thinner. We make it easy for your staff, students, and their families to connect with free and reduced cost social services like food, housing, mental health resources, transportation, and more.

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We Connect Students and Families
With the Help They Need

Student achievement is heavily influenced by factors outside of school. Students without adequate nutrition or a stable home have a greater likelihood of poor performance, being held back a grade, and not graduating on time.

Children and teens with Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are over twice as likely to fail a grade. And families of special needs students struggle to navigate support resources, especially if they are under financial strain.

We help your students, families, and staff easily connect with free and reduced-cost programs, ranging from rental assistance to nutrition support. In addition to our free online resource directory, we offer tools to help you make data-driven decisions to meet your students' needs.

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A Social Care Network

With findhelp, your staff, students, and your students' families will have access to our network of social services from day one.

We currently offer 1500 resources, serving every county in the U.S., who are ready to help your students right away.


Easy to Use, Powerful Insights


You and the families you serve don't have time for extensive research. Quickly connect students and families to social care resourcesall on a single platform.


Track your students' progress by documenting their family's resource needs, updating their profile with notes, and confirming they received services.


Using our analytics, you can identify the providers that help your students most often, identify school-wide resource gaps, and gather additional data.

Product Features

We offer solutions to support student success.

  • Empower families to search on their own.
  • View status updates on services received.
  • Save programs and share with your team.
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  • Report on referral activity, usage, and more.
  • Configure your own branded search experience.
  • Access free online trainings and our help desk.

Hundreds of Leading Organizations Use findhelp



"This is the most comprehensive, useful, and user-friendly resource I have ever encountered in over 20 years of working in the field. I cannot wait to share it with other professionals."

Case Manager, Child Protective Services

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"Findhelp provides an innovative conduit that connects families, resource providers and community helpers, thus, promoting resilience and enhancing community self-sufficiency. Findhelp continues to be an essential tool in connecting families to resources when they need it most."

Vereuch Simmons, Community Engagement Specialist

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"Findhelp has been one of the most responsive teams we have ever worked with. The platform design has enhanced the delivery of services from us at the Family Resource Center. Referral facilitation, strengthening our community partner collaboration, compliance tracking, and tracking analytics at several levels have been very helpful for improving our services."

Family Resource Center Staff
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