A Seekers-First Permission Model
Building a Structure of Trust

Supporting social care coordination, information access & privacy.

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The relationship between a social worker, care coordinator or other helping profession, and a Seeker is built on a trust that develops over time. Knowing this, and knowing how crucial that sense of trust is when helping Seekers, we’ve built options into our platform that allow Seekers to decide which organizations they trust with their information.
In this exclusive whitepaper, authored by our founder & CEO Erine Gray, we've outlined a vision for a data-access model that addresses a Seeker’s referral and assessment history.
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Erine Gray

Founder & CEO



Erine Gray founded findhelp in 2010 and leads the company’s vision. Erine is a 2019 TED Senior Fellow and has deep expertise in eligibility programs for public healthcare services. Prior to starting findhelp, he helped the Texas Health and Human Services Commission streamline their public benefits enrollment process.


About findhelp

Findhelp is the nation’s leading social care network, making it easy for customers in a wide range of industries to integrate social care into the work they already do—from education and government to housing, healthcare and more.

Through customer platforms alone, the findhelp network reaches millions of users across the country, making it easy to connect people seeking help and the verified social care providers that serve them, with dignity and ease.